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Advertisers pay only when a user clicks on an ad or for 30 seconds. For this reason, you can associate any prospect of the dollar channel. There is a possibility that the parent receives ten million visits, but no one sees or grip ads is not used. This is how I am ready to do 1- $ 25 an angle. Developers pay good money for your advertising prior to the hearing and the special target group.a successful YouTube channel, an important feature of the material for this particular amount is to be. This channel is to show entrepreneurs how to organize resources, keep track of your expenses and costs extra money. Each organization needs to find out why business owners should make my channel promotions on the basis that we both have the same demographic. People who are on my channel to see their prospects.How can you make more money in your YouTube channel?There are some simple steps you can do right now that will benefit all points of view.1. Take the sniper approach..Communicators need a YouTube channel, a known demographic. Many prefer ads on a specific type of irregular sale of individual clients. We see this as a rigorous specialist approach to a significant decrease in firing weapon.The production has the characteristics of a particular type of individual. It is important to encourage 101; Recognizing the public. Try not to look at me as demographics of women aged 21-55 years. This is a shotgun approach and also questionable. You do not want the 21 year old girl, in the same way that women 55 years is analyzed, talk? Of course not. To characterize his congregation of people and things that are.To understand this, plus a couple of keywords that other costs. Publishers most “mortgage” ($ 17.63 CPC) as “a severe case of phone” costs ($ 1.38 CPC), it should be noted that the end of the performance is much higher. If this credit home, a person could end up making $ 5000 + when he finally returns to the worst case, the phone is only $ 15 and did not charge phone case, so a million views, with CTR 0.01 % or lending function, but 10,000 views, have a CTR of 0.08%? Consider the situations using keywords and costs of the Company every.Whether a YouTube channel as the main source of income or as a form of marketing, a matter which, “when I start to pay is always defined by my videos as a business.” If you have a YouTube marketing account to join your AdSense account and traffic the channel, you can pay to start, if your income to the benefit of Google transmit threshold.