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And the next message? Well, in the video you can see how I am ready to do it in my hands, as 12 seats in the Reiki tradition, and in fact, I’ve heard, I’m going to describe what each new job, is a good treatment. And thanks to the combination of the view and listen to others, deeply rooted in the memory, the memory is very bad. Of course, this is the video that you can watch over and over again, to help me even more. And what does it do Roaming scan? You’ve probably heard about them, but what is it and how can I do? I have videos to show you exactly what you need to do exactly what you think, if this is what it means… (…) to put an arrow in his bow, like a true professional, therapist Reiki! Therefore, it is the music, which helps the client to relax and get the client to relax, it is very important. Well, I’m not saying that this type of music, I am in fact impressions that I want to play with me, and I was interested in the isolation of the sounds at intervals of five minutes. You know exactly if the hands in the previous position, if it is true, he is now a healing session of Reiki. I also had music that occurs, a strange amount of noise, or three minutes, so that a small exercise on the healing of a little more than half an hour… And also, if you need to get back together, if you are booking, he told me that the music that is produced, a little, that here in a couple of minutes. …now is a 12-minute Reiki “take me when you can, and many times, I can say! I believe that every therapist of Reiki, gives me a frequency. Yes, I almost forgot. I also have a good time for a video with some of the most important tips, phone a professional Reiki and how it can be absolute money, even if you don’t have a massage table, or a car. This is a loss and a bit of sex, and I think that you really want, for example, that you can go over the top, when in the morning, as a professional Reiki Therapist.