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Hear! I Ezeanu Eduard and I am a social confidence in the coach.In recent years, I pushed mainly 5+ people in more than 20 countries on 4 continents, and I helped translate the anguish and socially secure and charismatic uncomfortable.In this unique presentation, I want to show you how they did it. practical information on the following questions call if:Often you feel nervous or tense social context or forum.Talk to someone who often have no voice and do not know what to say.You will find that is not interesting enough and is struggling to make an impression on others.I am rarely at parties or social events, and even if it does, often a corner.Or, they tend to be quiet and reserved in social interaction, while others talk and have fun.If you have any of these symptoms, I want you to know I’m here and I know exactly how you feel. The good news is that. . .To solve these problems, and requires fundamental changes: add confidence approach..confidence that the discussion sense of calm and confidence to start a conversation, conversation and expression.More confidence in the debate, all the above problems solved. You will feel comfortable in social situations, you can easily make conversation with someone, you naturally witty and funny, and a positive impact on you.

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Return to Life is a vast manual quality of pain. It consists of 73 pages, to explore the many aspects of pain in detail. There are 19 chapters or ‘teachings’, where different aspects of pain that will face the emotional skill or strategy manager for each offer:Chapter 1. Early. . . That is true? Acknowledging the pain and accept the reality of death. One simple thing you can do when you feel overwhelmed. Physical signs and strange sensations that can occur.Chapter 2. Tell history- is normal to feel the events of the death and told many times. Here are two comforting ways to say once in history. . . when no one is around to hear.Chapter 3. Treat affects the official, it is important not to avoid pushing or sadness away, especially at first. Why your friends may try to distract you from your pain; and how not to give up.Chapter 4. Self-forgiveness Why would someone say something stupid and hurtful to me at a time like this? How to deal with careless visitors and avoid adding emotional baggage at their own expense.Chapter 5. Anger and innocent that it is not crazy to death? Identification of hidden anger issues, and easy to use and will help trigger destructive emotions.Chapter 6. Relief and guilt, of course, wish had gone differently, but they really deserve to feel guilty? This chapter always proven technology End of Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda mind games.

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‘Eles são mais tolerantes, me sinto muito bem. Eu quase não afetam a crítica, eu sei quem eu sou e como eu valho. Agora eu entendo o ponto de vista dos outros, sem me perturbar. . .Claramente, as habilidades, o objetivo é claro. É muito claro, conciso e eficaz, divertido, interessante e, acima de tudo, os resultados e as mudanças que eu tinha no final de 30 dias após o curso. Ganhar auto-estima.Bio resultados surpreendentes, eu fiz, e em um período muito curto de tempo.. . . É realmente incrível como em apenas 30 dias, você pode mudar as atitudes que você precisa e que afectam a sua vida diária e perceber que você está feliz consigo mesmo, e está associada com a felicidade dos nossos vizinhos. . . . Estou muito satisfeito, é claro, eu posso fazer todas as tarefas e tempo estimado de chegada. Você é um muito útil e importante para uma linguagem clara usado no caminho para compreender melhor sua situação, você não gosta, e como alterá-lo.. . . (Recomendado), ferramentas, simplicidade, mas a linguagem é abrangente, clara e precisa. . . ‘Agora já estou certo de que eu digo, eu, isto é, eu não tenho medo de dizer, muito menos expresso. . . Estou muito feliz com o que.. . . Mais seguro para enfrentar a vida e sei que a maioria das coisas que eu não posso amar minha vida, e eu sair. Tão feliz que agora eu sei que depende do que eu e idéias sobre o que é eo que não é selecionado, ele é construído sobre um bem-estar forte e.

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I decided to hit without Talktala forums. I run, how fear and lack of social comparison, unhappy me (no, it’s true), ‘How stress and depression, has been successful. When I write, I compare to other women permanently, not just the women I know, but friends, celebrities, etc. ‘Previous recognize that life is generally good, except I have to look for ‘always think that compared to some friends and acquaintances (especially when it is the love of my life) .The therapist named Dr. Regina respond to my post a few hours. ‘It is very difficult to be a woman in our culture these days, he wrote. ‘It is normal to compare. . . That’s what we do better than people. It sounds like you are struggling with self-esteem. There is a reason, why did you doubt? ‘As I wrote back that I ‘reasons’ and self-confidence that I was an intriguing average daily depressed mood and low self-esteem, yay! I explain that I’m in therapy for years and have tried many treatments.Solution (or lack thereof)OK, so the answer seems somewhat therapeutic. . . BASIC. In fact, I did not stay long, I will continue to change, to explain the details of the history of my mind. Is it satisfactory and be notified by email whenever respond to Regina and release something anonymity poured appetite without feeling anxiety, the way I see on the other.As the tailwinds down and out, I feel quite cold. The doctor recommends Hokemeyer Talktala experience feel self-reflection is not enough information about the actual depth Lite. It might, however, find a cure for beginners advice Regina.MyTherapyCouch beautiful place called social counseling site. ‘So. . . It seems that the baby was with the Office of Facebook virtual PSY! Or something!As Talktala, MTC provides a forum where users can download a problem, but if you want a real therapeutic professional advice (referred to as a direct treatment ‘), you have to shell out money. There are various fees associated with a wide range of electrical therapy class’ E-mail ‘,’ E-Care ‘,’ private management ‘and’ Board of Directors, said the person-to-person.

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The rats showed a significant decrease in learning ability, as well as exacerbation of short term and long term memory. Scientists believe that this is the result of development of poor diet periods occurred when intestinal flora. The results confirm once again the importance of crosstalk between the bacterial flora in the gut and our brain function.genetic link mental illness and creativity..It has already been shown that there is a link creativity and increased risk of certain mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. What remains unknown, even if the link is a genetic component, or socio-psychological reasons and access to existing environmental factors. New results published by scientists from Kings College London confirmed that creativity and mental disorders share some common genetic roots.The researchers analyzed genetic data from more than 86,000 inhabitants of Iceland and found that genes involved in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are indeed defined much more common in creative people. It seems that creative people have a genetic tendency to think otherwise. In combination with unfavorable environmental factors, this trend may lead to the development of mental illness.Petri Dish sleep pattern
Despite decades of research, the dream remains a mystery. We do not know why we sleep sleep or what it does and very little knowledge about the biochemical and physiological mechanisms of sleep. This is a new discovery by scientists of particular importance to Washington State University.The researchers were able to isolate and grow in a petri dish to a small group of neurons, which is a typical behavior of sleep and wakefulness, depending on experimental conditions.