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The instrument is used, one suggestion tool keywords from Google AdWords . The Keyword Tool is a glossary. unnecessary sentences, they are looking for your potential customers think, and Google says similar phrases and relevant. Google will also tell you how often people search for these phrases, as competitive keywords in AdWords are and how much it costs for each keyword to advertise. All this information will help you determine which keywords you want to use the first campaign.Before using the tool, make sure that the settings are. If you are in the United States, making the US the situation and the place of English. The device should default desktop computers and laptops, which is what you want, unless the mobile devices.Then click the drop-down menu, select the column and check out the competition, local searches per month and an estimated CPC (cost per click). Local Monthly Searches Research shows in the United States (the US, if the selected settings). In addition, see the AdWords competition and the cost per click for each keyword. This allows you to analyze the possibility of keywords.Also, if AdWords keyword search, I recommend the type parameters for day use as a “set” game. This gives them a good idea of how things are statements per month.Finally, enter the keyword tool, only the phrases you think a great outlook on Google right “word or phrase” appear, then click the search button.ey tool, you can find a list of keyword suggestions are based on the left column of the phrases are shown in the search field. In addition, see the AdWords Competition, Local Monthly Searches and always on the right side is the estimated CPC for each keyword. So much so that he always pays when someone clicks on an ad.There are three questions to ask yourself if a particular keyword to advertise:And ‘the search for a keyword on Google? If the number of searches, so they said that no one write the phrase on Google. E ‘useless keyword advertising no one is watching.He is a person who wants this keyword is likely that your product or service to buy? Or, if the person is likely only in research, with no intention of buying? In other words, the purpose of the keyword? First, you want to promote what I call the ” intention ‘to buy keywords, if a person wants is to buy clearly.I can pay the advertising word? This question is important, but it takes a little ‘math to calculate. So, take a look at this moment.