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You need to be very lightweight, fast, active, and offers a high level of energy or work that is needed for the rest, not worry, or something in between? Increase your energy, to go to the bottom, the fist in the air and say: “yes, yes, yes,” if you are feeling fresh and smooth. Or, if you need to calm down, the best performance and the simplicity of meditation and relaxation may be helpful. Know thyself, and the practice to promote. Secret number five, use all of your senses to help you in the best mood and peak power, can, use ALL of your senses. Do you have a favorite song? Maybe a favourite quote or a special routine, the physical characteristics of their routine to help you feel strong, alert, focused and ready for anything. Make sure you have a plan to make the time, to go through the rituals and customs, the day of the interview. The images, the feelings, the smell of memory on all of you for your best time. The taste is a bit more difficult: – do not eat, because they want to, or drink about an hour before maintenance, with the exception of a SIP of water, at room temperature. What is the taste of success? Secret number to it, to check whether all the check with your set of clothes and bags, the night before the interview, to ensure that you have everything you need, and that your clothes are clean, wrinkle free, and no keys. It was shown on a card with the address, clear? The battery is fully charged on the phone? (only for the case to delay the inevitable.) And, of course, turn the phone off before going into the building. Do you know the name of the person you see? A few copies of your resume and list of references? You can get an interview for the job of your dreams (well done!), or that you are working toward a new job. However, their future depends on the outcome of the interview, to prepare for the day’s real important. Thank you for taking the time for the preparation of the thesis, and success is around the corner. Here are 10 useful tips for the interview’s success. The consequences, and you have a great opportunity to always ignore at your own risk! Background 1. To understand the role that the Hotfix has been posted to the description of the work of the mission. Take the time to really understand what the company is looking for a new partner for this function. it is, for the company and the needs of the profession. Think about how you can respond to those needs, and, what is more important still, how they can be used to the benefit of the company. 2. Do your research to Collect the maximum amount information as possible about the company before the interview. See the website of the company, the annual report and press releases.