The Origin of Muay Thai – From Deadly Combat to Modern Sport

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We cover all ranges of fighting MMA, jiujitsu, both Gi and Nogi, wrestling and feet. The training consists of 3 types of classes, 2x Mixed Martial Arts, 4x bjj and 2x K1 classes, kick Boxing on a daily basis, divided into beginner/basic and extended/classes.

Our classes BJJ at the expense of Christophercome on, a Black belt in 2010 with Professor Joe Darce (3. the rank of Black Belt under Renzo Gracie and made famous by the famous Darce Choke). Because, says Chris, BJJ around the world and it is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through martial arts training. Training in the course, and students travelling every day to learn and teach around the world.Tiger Muay Thai and MMA is one of Asias premiere Fitness and weightloss camps. Our dedicated team of professionals from the fitness can help, the explosion far away from the unwanted fat, and in the best shape of his life.

Whether Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, Western, or one of the countless fitness training for the classes, we offer you the perfect setting to dig, strength and conditioning, I know, it was. You know what you are looking for, in training for weight loss, how to start your weight loss journey.

Sweating with the Tiger trainer fitness, that I because of the removal of fat and the formation of a team of heart! Go to the beach like you have never done before with crosstraining BodyFit Bootcamp classes.Even more hardcore approach? In accordance with the strict requirements of the Oekotraining, grinding, fighting, and traininggymthenight, and he has pains in places that had no idea what she is!

To build muscles and increases the force with which the guest the best of Peter Thai Hulk. You go through your own weight in the box, and see what can develop, the hard work and dedication. Peter, that is, attitude and smile, I feel that it is the pulse, the customer only to go to the next level. The diet ensures that the abdominal muscles in the kitchen!

The dream of competing in bodybuilding? Pedro Asia, and to create a plan to pavonean on the platform, in the shortest time possible, on the one hand, what is on the way!And not only with sweat and hard work, you can do well against most of our guests, the trainer and the staff, the monthly BBQ Beatdown event on the allyoucaneat buffet, amateur, Muay Thai, MMA, live music, DJ and much more.