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The expansion is probably due to the change in the Balance of consumption and Renewal. This is known as the destruction of the theory (9). The best weight training with very high loads, so it is only a small part of repetitions performed, and a long rest, this is to prevent the destruction and a major expansion occurred. Design the Maximum thickness of the strength training plan for the development, which is of high strength, relatively high strain at 85% of one repetition maximum (1RM). This makes it possible to reduce the number of repetitions is between 1 and 5 to set. With hard work, every sunrise and, as such, this type of training is very difficult. Give the rest as needed to recover between sets, and only a small group of exercises performed session (2,3,4,5,6,7,8). Continued recovery and give maximum performance, vertical session design is better in the horizontal session design. In other words, the order in which the exercises should be performed in sequence and multiple times, instead of all examples of the exercise before you proceed to the next step (1). If the bar moves slowly and quietly, even at the highest level of growth, the athlete must focus on lifting explosively as possible, in order to recruit the most fast twitch motor units as quickly as possible (1). Strength training is designed for maximum development of power, on the basis of a reasonable time for basic strength training. Two or three workouts a week is a good pre-season, and the situation is often reduced to one or two of the Meetings throughout the season. For example, the Largest strength to weight training, But weight training at a high level, can not be regarded as a separate sport, as well as the next Level in the Training included exercises to activities of the first Transport, sports and events.

Jump Manual

You’ve done stairs for hours. You’ve done drills while wearing ankle weights. You are tired and drenched in sweat. Yet, even with all this hard work and training, you still haven’t seen any improvements to your vertical jump! This is because athletic performance isn’t just about training.

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Jump Manual Does It Work

If you want to improve your jump, then you’ve got to know the correct principles, practices, and techniques to make it happen. This is exactly what professional coach Jacob Hiller gets into in his ground-breaking program Jump Manual.

What is Jump Manual?

Jump Manual, also called Vertical Jump Training, is a program which was created by professional coach and world-renown trainer Jacob Hiller. The program is designed to do one thing: increase the height of your vertical jump. It does this by giving you clear-cut information on the physics behind jumping, a detailed training schedule, and even nutritional information.In all, Jump Manual consists of:

  • 10 chapters
  • Videos lessons
  • Picture glossary
  • Access to exclusive jumpers forum
  • 1-on-1 email coaching
  • Bonuses from professional coaches and trainers

There are a few other programs about how to increase your jump available online. Jump Manual is different because it focuses on quality instead of quantity.

Basically, your jump height is determined by the amount of pressure put into the ground. You’ve probably heard this before, which is why so many websites and amateur trainers recommend doing strength-training exercises like squats to be able to improve your jump height. However, it takes more than just strength to be able to jump high.

To be (as Hiller puts it) an explosive athlete, you’ve got to put a high amount of pressure into the ground in a very short amount of time. The laws of physics then tell us that the pressure against the ground will be transferred back into your jump.

Unfortunately, most jump training programs just focus on building strength but not intensity. All those squats aren’t going to do you much good if you don’t work on your intensity too. A person who can squat 1000lbs, for example, might have a lot of strength and power but, unless he can squat that 1000lbs very quickly, he won’t be explosive in his jump!

To make sure you are improving your explosiveness, Jacob Hiller addresses four main principles in Jump Manual:

  1. Physics of vertical jump
  2. Practices and techniques for vertical jump
  3. Discipline to apply principles consistently
  4. Proper nutrition

It all comes down to what you do vs. how you do it. And Hiller tells you exactly what to do and how to go about doing it so you get results.

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Who is Jacob Hiller?

Before we get into the details of everything covered in Jump Manual, let’s take a minute to discuss who exactly Jacob Hiller is. You may have heard about him already because he’s been interviewed on ESPN radio and had his articles appear in several notable magazines like Men’s Health.

Jacob Hiller got his start by training student basketball athletes before moving on to work with professionals, including NBA and Olympic athletes. He himself has a jump shot of over 40 inches, so he isn’t just all talk! That’s pretty impressive considering that he’s in his mid 30s now.

If you are a professional athlete or coach a team, then you can hire Jacob Hiller to come up with a custom jump program for you. However, his rates are $180 per hour for local training, or $500 per day plus flight and accommodation expenses.   Most of us amateurs can’t afford those rates, so Jump Manual is the next best thing.

What Does the Program Cover?

There are 10 chapters in Jump Manual, each of which covers a new topic. Here is an overview of what you will learn in each of the chapters:

Chapter 1: The 9 Essential Variables of an Explosive Vertical

Here is where Hiller gives an overview of each of the components which are required to have a higher vertical jump. Some are a bit obvious (like strength) but there are some rather surprising ones too. Hiller gets more into these aspects in the next chapters.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Science of Optimal Results

This chapter is about everything you’ve been doing wrong in your training thus far. Hiller gets into the physics behind improving a jump, and explains why what you need to do is counterintuitive. Basically, this chapter is all about intensity, plyometrics, and correct implementation of weight training.

Chapter 3: The Laws of Vertical Jump Improvement

This chapter is a review of all the physics which were taught in the previous chapter.

Chapter 4: Muscle Gains Do Not Happen During Training

That’s right – muscle gains actually occur when you are sleeping! To make sure they happen, and at their fullest ability, you need to have proper nutrition. Jacob Hiller gives a great explanation of nutritional requirements for athletes, getting into concepts like anabolism and catabolism. He also tells you exactly how much of certain nutrients you need and when the best time is to take them.

Chapter 5: Optional Equipment for Vertical Jump Drills

I like this chapter because Hiller recommends some professional equipment for improving your jump, but also gives alternatives for people who can’t afford it.

Chapter 6: Use the Jumpers Forum!

Here is where you get access to the Jumpers Forum and Jacob gives some advice on why and how you should use it.

Chapter 7: Pre-Workout Stretching and Warm-Ups

I know a lot of athletes are going to want to skip this chapter, but flexibility is actually really important for your jump (and Hiller explains why). Hiller lays out some exercises that you should do before you begin training to help you get maximum results.

Chapter 8: The Max Explosion Workout

Here is a 14-day chart with a detailed breakdown of the exercises you need to do on each day. There is also an explanation of the “Strength and Explosions Sets” which need to be done with all weight-training exercises.   Some of the exercises include Explosion Calf Raises, Dead Lifts, and Rim Jumps (amongst others).

Chapter 9: Post-Workout

This chapter is rather short and gets back into nutrition concepts to make sure you are getting the most from the workout routine given in Chapter 8.

Chapter 10: Progress and Sustained Increase

Here is some advice about how you can make sure you keep improving your vertical jump with the program.

Jump Manual Exercises Video

Pros and Cons of Jump Manual


  • Straight-Forward System: Even though Jump Manual does get into some complex concepts, it is laid out in a really clear-cut way. You don’t have to be a physics brainiac to understand the concepts and the training chart is sure to get results regardless of what level you are at now.
  • Well-Written: Sorry to say it, but most athletes and coaches aren’t the best writers. I’m happy to say this isn’t the case with Jacob Hiller!
  • Videos: For all of you athletes who don’t like to read (sorry to reiterate a stereotype!), you will be happy to know that all of the key chapters in Jump Manual have a video as well as an audio transcript.
  • Guaranteed to Work: The entire system is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason, you’ve got 60 days to ask for a full refund.
  • Forum and Email Support: We all come across problems during training, which is why it is nice to have the forum and email support available.


  • It Takes Work: Don’t expect to read this manual and immediately see results (though there is some advice about form which might be able to add a few inches to your jump right away). You’ve got to be dedicated enough to follow the exercise schedule if you want results.
  • No Individual Feedback: While the forum and email support is nice, it isn’t the same as having 1-on-1 training from a pro coach. I’d recommend taking videos of your jumps so you can analyze your form, or send the videos to people on the forum for their feedback.
  • A Little Outdated: Jacob Hiller first designed Jump Manual in 2009, and I don’t think he has updated the videos since then. Compared to today’s standards of HD video, the videos do seem to be mediocre quality and the sound can definitely be better.
  • Might Need to Do More Research: Jacob Hiller gets into some pretty complicated concepts in Jump Manual, especially about plyometrics. While the guide gives you all the info you need to make improvements to your vertical jump, you might want to explore some of these concepts further on your own, especially if you are planning for a professional career. Whoever said that athletes don’t need to know science!

Who Is Jump Manual For?

Jump Manual is really popular with basketball players, but it can also be used by a wide variety of other athletes. The obvious ones are high jumpers, volleyball players, football players, and soccer players. A lot of other sports also use the same concepts of vertical jump, such as skateboarders and BMX riders. However, I’d argue that all athletes can benefit from Jump Manual – even if their sport doesn’t directly involve jumping high.

Coaches and trainers use vertical jump to assess a player’s explosiveness.   So, if you do any sport which requires speed, agility, or quickness, then the coach is going to be looking at your vertical jump abilities.   Heck, even sumo wrestlers could benefit from improving their vertical jump!

What is Included?

Jump Manual is an electronic product. When you buy it, you will immediately be given access to a members area where you can watch the videos and read the chapters. The members area includes a forum where you can get advice from other people using the Jump Manual program too.

In addition to Jump Manual, you also get these bonuses:

  • Advice from Dave Hopla, Assistant Coach to the Wizards
  • Advice from Dr. Patrick Cohn, Sports Psychology Expert

A cool thing about Jump Manual is that you get lifetime access to the members area. Jacob Hill is constantly adding new bonus material to the members area, so you can find professional tips and advice from the likes of Tim Gallwey and Paul Hoover!

A note about the Money-Back Guarantee: Jump Manual is sold through the online retail platform ClickBank. All of their products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. Jacob Hiller won’t even get a penny of your purchase until the 60 days are up. This is how you can be 100% sure that you will get your refund. All you have to do is send ClickBank an email asking for a refund within the 60 day period and you will get your money back, no questions asked!

Should You Buy Jump Manual?

At $67, Jump Manual is definitely cheaper than paying for training with Jacob Hiller, and you’ll still get the benefit of his expertise. Even so, a lot of people are going to be hesitant to throw down $67 for a product unless they are sure it is going to work. Since Jump Manual is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee, I’d say go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose and only a lot of inches on your vertical jump to gain!

I personally was really happy with the clear-cut training schedule and exercises given in Jump Manual and found that they did produce the promised results (and quickly too!). Obviously, I am really happy about the results, and I’ve passed the knowledge along to my team members too so we can utilize the concepts in our training.

But what I liked most about Jump Manual was actually a bit of a surprise. Jump Manual basically broke down everything I was doing wrong, and explained why all that other advice wasn’t doing me any good. This alone saved me countless hours of wasted training so I could instead focus on doing exercises which would get results.   For that alone, Jump Manual was worth the price for me.

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And it is not the reason for this offer of 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. And I’m not going to go, not just money, but I’m going to contribute to the plan in its entirety and all the FREE bonuses, as my gift to you, you just need to try. It is a question just for you? All you need to do is download the program and bonuses. And if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, and I would like you, Please write to me and say: “let me try to understand how a Bank, but I want a refund”… and you will be refunded for every dollar. Without a doubt. Any kind of interference. Just as friends, without resentment. You May Ask, How Do I Fat Of Responsibility? I moved this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical not the 1% advantage on me. I can give you the confidence in this guarantee, because I know that this program works for people. This is a collection of some of the best information available. These basic principles, a training which you have worked, often literally, thousands of people, and there is a good chance that the plan that will work for you IF you need to go. You’re the only one who comes to me… I’m the only one in which all risks, in the case that the education system is not producing, not for you. It’s just that… I have no intention to provide a product, from someone who is not much larger than the value of what you paid for. My #1 priority since I started my website 10 years ago, it was to help people on how to achieve the best results, the time of work. I didn’T steal intent to, or been dishonest in any way. Live and breathe the iron game, it is part of my life, and I take this very seriously. It is for this reason that I is with the intention to give you high quality education, information, products and services, support 100%, So if you’re a good man, serious on the optimization of training, and you want your muscles to “level”. So you go and you take a “Bomb the Banks” program in the test drive… absolutely the worst case scenario is that the system works for you… And if that happens, you will get the money, and you can download a FREE copy of the program. as you can see, to go. So, why not go there and try the “Explosion of the Bank” program, to now, without a doubt, risk-free form. “Lee, tell me How you should start on it NOW!” Now I know that I have a lot of information here, and I know that I turned on, everything but the kitchen sink in this amazing program. But I know how important it is to have all the necessary tools to succeed. A lot of people is going to lose time and unnecessary efforts, develop programs, produce little or no result.

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Pinch Clothespins….People, who are not?).The connectors are available in different voltage, ranging from us $ 60. 4, which is adjacent to the 365lb! You can train with hand grippers, representatives, and max in the end, or even in place of, or the maximum amount of time possible, I recommend to know how to start the first road on the right and close the business, such as the education, you need a certain skill and power. You should start with 2 to 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions with a light grip and work from there. 2) is the Bar to the rack with squats with pine trees, where you can make a withdrawal from the country out of the block. The goal is to, here, on the earth, not the weight, instead, therefore, of a few inches. Hold the bar with a double deal with the width of the shoulders, and then it is very high (for example, the height of the green position). Here, the goal is to keep the time and in accordance with your experience, 5 to 10 seconds is perfect for most students. 3 to 5 rounds should be more than enough to get you started! 3) a farmer, usually with 2 or dumbbells kettlebells, farmers carry, which means that you agree with the weight and walking a certain distance or time. This increases the movement of the grip, so that not only the poor, but the muscles of the torso, shoulders, and hips. Try walking 20′ and progressing to 40′ heavy weight! 4) towel / rope pull-ups, The wonderful things, to make a decision and, if the School does not have a towel service that you can put a few kitchen towels in the hotel. But a towel tent over a standard pull-up bar, with your fist, and to run regular sets of pull-ups. You begin to be difficult, but in order to improve the adhesion to trancas and barrancas! 5) clip board, Clip, clamp, slide rule, the Commission proposes, in order that all you need is two plates, which are flat on one side, you can pinch-to-time (the flat side). To start, pull the two 5-kilogram plates of 30 seconds to a few sentences.

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There is another Type that is right for you, and for which, in accordance with a plan for your Life. Vince knows that, as a manager, Your Goal is to show the right way, and provide the Support it can get. Explain how different diet programs in the workplace, with the aim of eliminating all Obstacles to Their Questions and spiritual, and then the real step-by-step plan that you must Follow. This Is definitely one of the best web site in the Madness, the Muscles, and is, without doubt, is one of the Factors that is considered as the best Program in the Network.These Plans are based on Technology that has already been tested and it works, but only if the Genetics of the super-Man, and that the Use of Steroids of the Pirates. I don’t know how to plan logical and scientific, it is a Phase 3 of the Program, a negative Effect on the Ability of the Body, it is true, the Probability that the muscle mass and Strength, and demonstrate to the world that Ripped six-pack I. you Know that even inefficient, “split”, you can, literally, be smaller and weaker, and by Wear and tear or by accident? This is bad news, because it is already hard enough to build Strength and muscle mass in a Natural Way. Have you noticed that a lot of Programs, with the Promise of being bigger, stronger, more agile, and all at the same Time? In other Words, “multi-task”. Promise, to deceive, to Beginners, and the Possibility of Genetic super-Humans, and to deceive Users of Steroids. Not for People like us! You can imagine how much more the change in His Body of work, after the Attack continue with the Program, not only is he a super-Man, and a Traitor, and take advantage of the Program of the best exercises, Techniques, and Methods to Maximize the genetic Potential of the Characters? What is more likely is that I’ve never heard of it, I am on the Platform, and it is normal. Also, if I have a side-by-side with a quote from the fitness of the Models and Price, a Man, not the Information.

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It does not matter if the Weight or the repetitions you should do. The guys are super, perfect, ski Lifts, at least one. I would like to try, the Weight and Repetitions, every two Weeks, with a maximum weight of Repetitions or Experience with different weights. There are a thousand Ways to make it, so make sure that You can do. After removal of the numbers on the Wall, for both Men and Women, if you are looking for Sports and face the Challenge regularly……….The gain. There you have it. My application to plan to be Your Responsibility, and help Athletes prepare for the sport. To be honest with the evidence. The evaluation of the Progress. The numbers are what they are, and not hide, to embrace it, because You know, its location on the Map and with the Graphics the best on the Course.The USC is like the clinic I go to, every time you sit down and the computer. You are Able to watch videos on new exercises, Read the Article in the bath and on the continuous training, the material, the printing of the Plans, to be proven, and learn exactly what is going on inside. Offer: After the interview with the Team of the USC, in addition to excited, that to obtain this information in hand, it has been decided that all documents and to do better business, in comparison with today. We decided that if our goal is to clear the information for the “mess” in this area, we need to get the “good things” in the hands of all.

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Increase the number of repetitions, If you have less than 10 minutes, but not more than kettlebell, so that the increase of reps of 25 for each round there will be a great challenge for you. If you manage 25 reps for each round, after more than 50 repetitions per exercise, or 200 a week. It is a great progress! To change the push-up is also possible to modify the push-up, more of a challenge. Any change in the ptt (Push-Ups, not only as a challenge to your strength, but also your heart! Another option is to modify the push-ups, Burpees with push-ups. This is my next progression, once you have less than 10 minutes, the 25 Best Practices: the challenge is, but you can still download my 25 Best Kettlebell Workouts today! 9 Reasons Why You Has Amazing Results 1. The simplicity of the research that shows that slightly more easy it is to repeat more opportunities, and create the habit. I know from experience that the formation of the complex, with many exercises to always take more than a couple of times. 30 days for only 1 or 2 exercises is more effective than a couple of days in a great amount of exercise. In addition to all that you need is a kettlebell and a few feet of space! 2. The 80/20 rule of the Pareto principle, which says that a more. The 80% of results come from 20% of the causes. In other words, if you look at all the possibilities of exercises you can do in a workout, the majority of the results only some of the exercises. The Kettlebell Swing has been proven to produce excellent results in fat loss, in comparison with almost all the other exercises. The kettlebell swing is the 20% that causes 80% of the effects. 3. More than 600 muscles in the action of the Kettlebell Swing is so effective because there are many muscles with just one movement. In fact, however, the muscles are not very active during the time, the muscles in the chest, and we attack with the push-up. 4. Burn, or EPOC in Most cardio workouts stop burning calories, not long after the completion of the training period. This is not the case for our Perfect match training. We can create a metabolic disturbance during our training sessions to burn calories for up to 24 hours after your workout.