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In Reality, the Benefits associated with alpha Waves stimulation, has been proven by Science for Decades by Research Pioneers such as Hans Berger, the Machine was invented the EEG in 1924, with the Pursuit of new, in 1960, with the Creation of biofeedback. Biofeedback is used to Treat a number of Conditions ranging from Anxiety, headaches, chronic Pain, arthritis, Epilepsy and many others. Some of the other invasive Procedures such as Surgery. But now we are on the Border of Research and the advanced Methods of alpha Waves-stimulation with a Frequency of sound and sonic beeps. The Creativity, the Increase of 7.4%, the Alpha Waves Stimulation, a new Study from the University of North Carolina (COUSIN of the school of Medicine recently discovered the first Evidence, that a small Amount of electric Current from 10 hz to improve the Activity of alpha-Brain-Waves and increases the Creativity of 7.4% in healthy Adults. “We provide the first Evidence that, in particular, in order to Contribute to the Progress of the alpha-Variations in causal Complexity of the Behavior, in this Case, the Creativity.” Flavio Frohlich, PhD, assistant professor of Psychology, Physiology, and molecular Biology, bio-engineering, a professor of Neurology at the PREMIUM auditory Beats in the Brain Itself, until the 1970s, the Research, in a Phenomenon called “Transport of brain waves’. In 1973, Gerald Oster published a Report in the Journal “scientific American, “Auditory Beats in the Brain”, to describe the Phenomenon, known as binaural beats. In his account of the Holy Week, the Disease has shown promise in the Treatment of parkinson’s Disease, the patient began to respond binaural Therapy. In subsequent Experiments with a sound Technique, has led to the Discovery of isochronc sounds better with the Formation of a Method of brain wave. With the Help of the sound Technology of brain waves slowed down or accelerated, so that the Listener to a State of mind, what was there before, only the highest Experience of meditation.