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The solar panels do not wear out with time, and have lost an average of one watt of capacity of more than 20 years. The wind only has 2 moving parts which are exposed to the rain and the wind. The leaves are usually wrong in the structure, that is protected by the nose cone. It is in the axis of the propeller turns with the wind. Both can easily be replaced by the manufacturer. The smaller the grid, which is Connected to the network, so that the solar energy, wind energy, the system maintains a connection to the electrical network. This means that it is always a tool for the client, but with the energy, the tools of their own. Now, a Texas homeowner can go favorite the center, and the purchase of equipment for the production of solar energy to generate about 1230 watts for home use and in the vicinity of 7 000 h (table 10), a cleaning woman, and investors). The batteries can also be integrated into the system, which would normally cost around $ 250 each, and can last up to ten years. On average, the panels have a 4kWh for daily use and shoot to 120 kWh in the bill with a discount of up to 12% for the type of 1,000 kWh bill 119 $ (11.9 cents/kWh), this means a monthly savings of approximately 14.24 or $171.36/year. If you believe that the costs of use, and it has been frozen, the system can pay for itself in 17 years or 24 years, without reduction. This assumption is obviously ridiculous. The price of the peak power and the price paid per kWh varies throughout the year, with more probability, that occur over a period of time. With this in mind, the return of the investment, in fact, are 15 years or less. We also have to take into account the fact that the 12% energy savings is three times more than what they have, for the first 7 000 dollars in the bank. Otherwise, the solar energy is an investment that pays for itself by increasing the value of your home. The majority of the funds in the past 30 years, only a few consumers live in their own home for a long period of time. After him’. u., The department of Housing and Urban development, the value of the home increases to 20 000 $1 000 $annual reduction of cost of electricity. Therefore, even if you do not live in the house for 30 years, the greater part of their investment in the sale of your home. Remember, too, that as solar panel technology improves, the owner can change the old leaves to the new, more efficient, and more effective. I was caught in the fabric, and the circuit is connected. With time, you can save even more money on your account, and also the sale of electricity at the power plant, improve, and expand its solar panels and batteries. So, what can you do with the money saved, each month, through the purchase of electricity, the power plants? Isolated from the network ( suggests that the money to send their children to university. If you invest in a residence of renewable energy systems, when the baby is born, you can save money at least 18 years of age and a growth rate of more than 118 000 dollars. Not all homes and families, and can be cut, now for solar panels or wind turbines. A good idea of the quality, you can National Renewable energy website In My back yard. The other two electronic instruments booklet of the Feasibility of the energy systems Photovoltaic and Solar-calculus.

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Solar energy, direct Conversion Works in the following way: 1) the Sun shines on the solar panels, and when this happens, the Value is converted to Solar energy to electrical energy. 2) on the other Hand, the Sun shines, to take to themselves, again, as a Collector of Heat. Collectors, and provides a thermal Energy (electricity) to His Home hot in Autumn and winter. The use of Solar energy for the Production of Energy with this Method is that some of these Changes can be used before the House. This is due to the Fact that They do not have the power, so that, if in the first place. This Energy is initially produced in the form of direct current (dc) and a Converter for converting direct current to Alternating current energy. If you are not aware of the Fact that around Like, that distributes the electrical energy from the electrical system in the House. Another Possibility is to Use Solar energy, the Production of Biofuels. In order to better understand the Life of the plant, to describe, to enjoy the Process of photo-solar Synthesis in the Chemical Energy. Are chemical products that can be a Part of this Process is used as Fuel for production of electricity. In connection with the Trial, in the Form of Utilization of Solar energy for the Production of biogas for production of electricity, Fuel, the Technology is well known, respect for the environment. Solar energy plays an important Role in the Form of Water, Energy and wind power. This can be derived from wind turbines and a Natural Source of the Wind, and Their Prey, the Use of Hydropower, in order to give the Impression that the Production of electricity with the Help of the Sun. When you take advantage of the Energy from the Sun varies. Solar energy is free from Pollution of any Kind. Installations for the Supply of solar energy is relatively easy to use and convenient. The source of Solar energy is of natural Origin. Without a doubt, the positive Side is not a Disadvantage. Disadvantages Of Solar energy are the following: in Areas where there are still a couple, the Sun is perfect for solar power. Also the Possibility that the absorbed Energy can be made during the Day. This means that You have enough Energy to be able to meet Their Needs during the Night. As discussed above, solar cells, and dc, requires the Conversion of Alternating current used in Homes. In the End, with the other side of the coin is so low, that is to say, what is true is that the Energy from the Sun for a sustainable Future, alternative sources of energy call. Solar energy is increasingly recognized as a Source for the Production of electricity from fossil Fuels, Consumer protection and the Environment, growth in Demand, the Cleaning, the better is the Relationship between Cost and energy-efficient Solutions and Products.