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Solar energy, direct Conversion Works in the following way: 1) the Sun shines on the solar panels, and when this happens, the Value is converted to Solar energy to electrical energy. 2) on the other Hand, the Sun shines, to take to themselves, again, as a Collector of Heat. Collectors, and provides a thermal Energy (electricity) to His Home hot in Autumn and winter. The use of Solar energy for the Production of Energy with this Method is that some of these Changes can be used before the House. This is due to the Fact that They do not have the power, so that, if in the first place. This Energy is initially produced in the form of direct current (dc) and a Converter for converting direct current to Alternating current energy. If you are not aware of the Fact that around Like, that distributes the electrical energy from the electrical system in the House. Another Possibility is to Use Solar energy, the Production of Biofuels. In order to better understand the Life of the plant, to describe, to enjoy the Process of photo-solar Synthesis in the Chemical Energy. Are chemical products that can be a Part of this Process is used as Fuel for production of electricity. In connection with the Trial, in the Form of Utilization of Solar energy for the Production of biogas for production of electricity, Fuel, the Technology is well known, respect for the environment. Solar energy plays an important Role in the Form of Water, Energy and wind power. This can be derived from wind turbines and a Natural Source of the Wind, and Their Prey, the Use of Hydropower, in order to give the Impression that the Production of electricity with the Help of the Sun. When you take advantage of the Energy from the Sun varies. Solar energy is free from Pollution of any Kind. Installations for the Supply of solar energy is relatively easy to use and convenient. The source of Solar energy is of natural Origin. Without a doubt, the positive Side is not a Disadvantage. Disadvantages Of Solar energy are the following: in Areas where there are still a couple, the Sun is perfect for solar power. Also the Possibility that the absorbed Energy can be made during the Day. This means that You have enough Energy to be able to meet Their Needs during the Night. As discussed above, solar cells, and dc, requires the Conversion of Alternating current used in Homes. In the End, with the other side of the coin is so low, that is to say, what is true is that the Energy from the Sun for a sustainable Future, alternative sources of energy call. Solar energy is increasingly recognized as a Source for the Production of electricity from fossil Fuels, Consumer protection and the Environment, growth in Demand, the Cleaning, the better is the Relationship between Cost and energy-efficient Solutions and Products.