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Even if the correlation of a series of studies on the success of the planning, probably, it is not surprising that the majority of small businesses that do not have a written strategic plan. Why not, it is different, but some common themes are: He is the best of my/our limited time, planning takes away the flexibility, there are many factors of uncertainty, we have a business plan, the consensus is very difficult and it costs too much.

It is a real problem, especially for small businesses. The paradox is that the reasons to avoid this, it is to organizations of this plan, may be for the same reason, to plan effectively. Let us take a look….

TIME Were overwhelmed that you can hire, to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the way you think of our new products, we do not need the time for the next week, forget next year. But in the future, to take care of itself.
The idea, in the sense of the action, which is a dilemma for many professionals. We are actionoriented. If we dont do something, we feel productive. If we take the time to think about it, we feel abandoned. We need to do two things. Without the investment of time and effort to think about where we are, it is likely that you will be able to.

If we are so active in the daytoday, you are in danger, because now is the time to take a step back. When we are caught in the trenches, in the fire, the simplest solution is not always the best. It takes time to plan, but it will lead to a targeted use of the limited time available.

FLEXIBILITY we want to be open to the opportunities when they present themselves.

Create a strategic plan does not mean that your business cant be flexible. A plan that lays the groundwork for a change, so that, when things start, is a basis for the evaluation of new opportunities.

The strategic planning of the decision: we hope to reach this approach audience, not for you, we do not provide these products and services, the goal before each other thing. Written plans show that you care about the future. These types of decisions is easier, in a strategic way, with a longterm perspective. If it is exhausting, it is difficult to see all the options well enough to make informed decisions.

We have an idea of where we are, why do you write?

Dont write down goals, thoughts, which tend to change more often than you change your mind, it is easy. The act of writing objectives helps to clarify and apply an objective form before the actual results. The magic happens when you begin to see the goal on paper, and you need to be real. In the beginning of the appointment, and is open to the possibility that you might not have noticed.

The UNCERTAINTY in Strategic planning is a business school that develops the concept, if people believe that you can, in order to anticipate and predict the future. How can we plan in a world that is very uncertain?

The uncertainty is a real problem in the planning. But not head in the sand, this is probably the best solution. Most organizations have called on their strategies, structure and power spectrum are, on a regular basis. To be successful, it is important to ask the following strategic questions on a regular basis:

Where are we now? Where are we now? How can we achieve it?