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Why not with his own body?Why continue mint pills, sprays, mouthwashes, buy just bad breath mask, but do nothing to resolve the underlying cause?At present, it gives you a chance to get rid of bad breath forever claiming to restore confidence and self-esteem and begin to enjoy life!He had bad breath? You’re in good company: the American Dental Association says that at least a quarter of the population regularly suffers from halitosis, but almost everyone has had at least twice – after all, he feels, not musty, bad breath, “Tomorrow,” which, in his sleep occurs frequently? But even companies with toothpaste and mouthwash must believe that the only cure for bad breath mouth sprayed chemicals are actually natural remedies for this common problem. Here six halitosis strategies to remove a once and for all ..his mouth has a strong mandate to update your account, because the properties of bacteria in the saliva to fight. But if you do not drink enough fluid, dry mouth can be obtained, an ideal place for the growth and development of harmful bacteria in place of the environment. Low saliva also allow food particles stuck between the teeth and under the gum line, if they are a source of food ready for these small bodies. As the food particles break down, they can be harmful bacteria gas a major cause of bad breath are. In the fight against these things, simply drink more water during the day will help keep your mouth moist and the extinguishing condition bacteria.In addition to these “bad” bacteria that cause bad breath, mouth also contains beneficial bacteria that of digestion and fight against microbes and harmful pathogens and other bacteria. The researchers found that “good” bacteria can grow mimi, so they can fight against bacteria that are a major cause of bad breath. (2) The best way to do it: Eat more foods rich in living probiotics, such as yogurt cultures, tea kombucha and fermented cabbage or kimchi ..Whenever I feel like a rotten egg gas or take a deep breath, the furnace caught fire occurs? It is broken, and also make the breath odor. volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) is available, while the “bad” bacteria in food are broken particles. Zinc works by neutralizing the VSC, which caused no odor.