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As part of his tour, Brown went on to confusion and can explore many paths. He studied bioenergetics and conducted a meeting with the founder of Alexander Lowen work. It was a body-centered psychotherapist. He completed a master’s degree in psychology from Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco and founder of Open Heart Gang, a secret group of sincere benevolent. He started his own business and became a successful businessman.
The most important thing Brown did, however, work inside. You go in and connect spirituality with emotional life, learned the most important lessons. Learn how to get ‘school battles Heart’ (school of life), he got his real face and embraced the call to write Soulshaping. Although initially resisted, he soon realized that the conversation glory own best defense against insomnia. If he wrote, he slept. If he did, he was awake all night. That is the character of appeal.