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The principle of mentalism: This is one of the most universal rules that are always present in our lives. To find out how the principle of mentalism is responsible for many of the so-called “psychic” and many other “phenomenon”. Chapter 8. The principle of correspondence: Another important Universal principle to teach the truth that there is a direct correspondence of each of the major levels of reality, because it is life. Chapter 9. The principle of vibration: Discover the important truth about vibration and its relationship to the energy content of the universe, under the influence of the spirit. Chapter 10. The principle of polarity: find out how the polarity principle manifests in the universe and the physical world. Chapter 11. The principle of rhythm: Discover how rhythm affects everything else in the world, including everything and everyone around him. Understanding this rule will help you to understand other things influencing your daily life. Chapter 12. The principle of cause and effect: it is the principle of cause and effect is one of the most important and exalted Universal principles. To know why this is so, because it is in the relationship of cause and effect, the effect on safety and, as a result of the experience of the people who really want it. 13. the t-section. Gender: Discover how everything in the world, not just on the people, flora and fauna, the male and female qualities. Chapter 14. The Emerald table of Hermes: Discover the meaning and symbolism behind this very important and ancient text, which is written on a green tablet, symbolically documenting the nature of the universe and of the universe. Chapter 15. It kaballa-hour: a philosophy and tradition originating in Judaism of the ancient and the most important Western source of Universal wisdom. Chapter 16.

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