What Is My Mobile Money Pages?

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My Mobile Money Pages

My Mobile Money Pages is a system that let’s you create quick websites with WordPress that can be monetized with Affiliate Programs such as Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Commission Junction and a few others. YouTube videos can be added as well to entertain and to maintain visitors longer in your site.

When you sign up to be a member of My Mobile Money pages, you are prompted to additional offers. For example, the one that I remember (because I signed up to it too) is an up sell that gives you access to the Premium membership of the program. With this up sell you will receive one monthly email that will tell you what campaign and on what product Andrew and Chris Fox will be creating next. This basically gives you the ability of “copy and paste” on whatever products they are promoting to make money with My Mobile Money Pages.

Once you are inside the members area, you are welcomed with a quick start video to get you started using up the system. My Mobile Money Pages is web based and you will have to download NOTHING!

Above, there is a screen shot of the top menu in the Member’s Area. As you can see, there are buttons for Keyword Interceptor, Site Builder, Content Cloner, Extreme Review Theme and Robo Link Cloner.

Below, is a screen shot of the top right menu. Here you can find the walk through videos and additional information on how to use My Mobile Money Pages properly using their own hosting and domains. All sites that you create under this method will be self-hosted and will be created as sub domains under their own websites. As far as I’ve seen, there are three main domain options: one for technology related websites, one for health and fitness related websites and the last option is for money related websites.

The above is basically what is presented on their intro video on their website. Although, there is another option in which My Mobile Money Pages would be an ace at making money for our pockets. I will be talking about that option here as well.

How Does My Mobile Money Pages Work?

As mentioned before, My Mobile Money Pages is a web based software that can be used to quickly create affiliate sites using WordPress that can rank high in the search engines on mobile devices. On my first day of using My Mobile Money Pages I created four websites once I had entered my affiliate information and ID’s for Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction.

The first thing you want to do then, is to set up that information on the My Mobile Money Pages system. That way you just log in and start cranking up websites like crazy. Well, just saying.

I learned that creating websites for specific products works better and I bet they have even more chances to rank high on the search engines on mobile devices.

So, once you create a site on a specific product, you will see that is automatically updated every few hours therefore, the site gets fresh content every so often. For example, my first website was created about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire. Right now I have products around that device such as cases, screen protectors and so on.

This way, you can create websites on demand and My Mobile Money Pages will be in charge of updating the content and adding products to sell. Now, if you want to add a specific post and write up your own review about a certain item, you can do so as well.

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How To Rank Up Your Success With My Mobile Money Pages Once You Are An Active Member Of The System?

So, how do you take extra advantage of My Mobile Money Pages?

My Mobile Money Pages gives you the ability of creating websites fast using WordPress. The more websites you create, the more chances to make a sell. I personally see the potential of this since building actual websites from scratch take too long and some times it gets discouraging to see no results.

Instead, with My Mobile Money Pages and the amount of small targeted sites that you can build daily can be very rewarding. It is all up to you to make the time and use the system.

Let’s say you take an hour of your day to build just 5 targeted websites with My Mobile Money Pages. This is what I am doing right now. Just 5 small, targeted websites a day. In 30 days, there will be 150 sites built and getting content added every few hours, which helps for the search engines as well.

In one month, 150 websites built super easily with no extra investment. I imagine that by then, you and I are seeing some income from all of these sites. Now, let’s say 10% of them get to make one sale daily and the commission per sale is $4 dollars. That is $60 dollars a day or $1800.00 a month : )

Right now, I will not lie to you and tell you that I am making a ton of money with My Mobile Money Pages. In fact, I have not made my first sale from my small sites yet… but I sure expect to see some cash coming in soon.

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