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You get 10% of the revenue and investment to pay for itself, that it works. If you can, ask the employer the salary, or any other automatic mode is the best. If you don’t see, you can’t lose. If the employer has a 401k program max. Especially if you a percentage match to your contribution, free of charge money. $50 and $ 100, it may seem like a lot, but quickly worse. And more and more investment can do for you. Rich dad, I learned that you can’t win, the game itself, but money can gro to the point where he goes a lot more than what you can get. Savings and investments. 5. You can change this, their auto insurance Progressive, regardless of the fact that the advertising says that you get the best price, the best service and the best time! Do you think that the local dealer, and these certificates are paid for the work and pay for it with your supervisor, taxes and fees (something). Remember that the fee of $200 – $800 a year, the insurance bet value of 20 000 $saved very quickly. 6. You Can Place The Drops Directly To The Re-Investment Plans. Large companies have these and you can love to invest no or very low trading fees (some of them even with the discount, but in reality, invest -). Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Cross Timbers Oil Co….. (X) is warm, with a few drops of oil. XT, it was more than 1200% growth in the last 3 years. Buy. You have a good and smooth game, the oil and gas industry. It is not the best dividends, but for growth, which is good? I also recommend buying natural gas – Piedmont natural Gas (PNY) is as stable and secure, players in this field. Good dividend and stable, not XT, but on average all the UPS and downs. Buy. Don’t forget to find several, financial COLLAPSE, for example, Banco Popolare (BPOP) – a large Spanish bank mature outlet pay big dividends. 7. Currently, diversification, growth and stable dividends ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Unlike the Fund, the etf, the whole day, so how measures are traded. Select the following ETF’s that track the rise or decline in the index-stocks (better diversification). I recommend ijr – offer the best growth and dividends, the value of the etf. Buy ijr. Remember not to invest more than 20% of the portfolio in stock-or ETF – diversification is the key to a great harvest of wealth. 8. He knows that, no matter how hard you have worked, someone never paid in, is worth something. Go, pay only for what is, when you realize this and decide to go into business for yourself. Homework, in the first row, and choose something that you like, and can be converted into a cash machine. Remember that 70% of small businesses fail because lack of planning.

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