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15 years ago, when the first robot on a commercial basis and introduced in the market, which has been a success for the traders. But, if the trading robot such as Forex Megadroid, we perceive it as a puppet. In the next few years, maybe a little bit more complex trading systems to progress and to destroy the good reputation from Megadroid. Living in this generation, and now, Megadroid is considered as one of the best analysis tools Forex. The Forex market is a special kind of market value, in industry, in General, an investment of r $ 100 to r $ 10,000, open, to the traders an account requires. However, this number is necessary to invest much less in comparison with other stock markets. For this reason, to be able to diversify more and more, investors want to trading portfolio. All you need to do in the forex market, good graphics, post to be up to date with price changes, can be used to determine if a given pair of currencies, the largest or smallest value. However, in order to determine exactly the best time to buy or sell, and years of experience. Correctly read and interpret a stock chart is the main challenge in the field of trading, if you want to buy and sell foreign currency or other stocks and raw materials. You can also specify the various indicators, guides, and analysis of the market, experts from all over the world, but, in the end, according to the study, is that the graphics that make the difference. The graphics allow you to read pips signals for buying or selling, the ups and downs, and that is the reason why you need to. with the tools that will help investors to continue with the current stocks of penny and trends, even if most traders think that they can go to a currency or a stock trend can help you reduce risks when investing in the stock market or forex market, the reality has proven otherwise. The trends are most often caused investors to remain on their notes of negotiation. This is due to the fact that the forex market is, in particular, is very unpredictable, and it may take some time to learn how to hold, when to fold, when you walk, and if it is running. It is not a secret that the experienced trader with 10 or 15 years of experience in the market of Forex trading success is based on intuition, but only in the Forex or stock chart and no other indicators or wizard. The right to education and experience, anyone can learn with the Forex market and easy to earn a good income. Recently, in the market of the accidents and the unexpected, that is the best time to climb is now much more likely to begin the learn how the market moves.

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