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Once our favorite is back, waiting for their chance to get close to 1.80 or higher, and bet on it. If the odds are not high enough, not because it is almost impossible to do business!When you placed a bet of staying in our favorite players return to play once again break the opponent. If this does not happen in the first set, waiting for the second. There’s still time. Once this happens, and if you are willing, our favorite was the same amount that you’re back and. Examples – Back Wawrinka 2.0 € 20, now € 20 you have to do – say 1.30. This creates a free bet, you can not lose.If you are sure that you win the game, so be it. If you want to deploy both players win, make sure the Underdog at least 2.0 (preferably 4.0 or more) chances. Now, with money from Paris and it is free for those below. You will make money, no matter who wins.

If possible – watch live TV, or make sure you do your best to let you down!If the favorite to win the first set, making this a game. Not worth the gamble more. Go to Paris game.With questions units just always put the same amount.Select the shape of the group (3 to 5 of your bank). The games are placed in three categories – 1, 2 and 3 games unit. 1 means that the unit – is a risky game, the usual strong play 2, 3 bet.You need to bet more than three units!This is the most comprehensive management of money from professional bettors use. It is the popular unity revalued at the end of the season. Depending on the bank as it is increased or decreased, 3-5, because it is a new unit.an important factor when the unit – always keep the risk of almost 2.0!Doubling the game every time you miss. Example: Bet € 2 game. If you win, you bet € 2 in the next game. If you lose, double play and bet € 4 on the next bet. If you loses again to bet € 8!Always double the number in case of loss. When you win, you’ll do it again + 2 € bet in the first place. You should be careful for games with at least 2.0 Contrast choose, or you are back in the game and still lose money.Martingale is a popular casino game where you can try at roulette or blackjack (21). Keep Black Paris (always double the percentage of loss) and sooner or later will win.Fold your hand if you win. If you begin with 2 €, win a bet on 2.0, and lose – will take place with € 2 game if it did. – You bet € 4 on the next bet. In case of winning – bet € 8 and so on. Ever two-time winner of the last element. If you have lost, again to € 2 Application.The system can make a lot of money if you have a winning streak.We recommend the use of the units involved. Whatever you choose, everything is better than Paris without discipline plan.You can choose the winner, not once, not twice, but 15 times in a row?Start with 5 € and bet on one or more games (or combination bet) with individual units or combined 2.25.If you win – with 25 profits to your account and bet the rest on the other, because 2.25. Keep doing for 15 laps. In round 14, it is 57, and bet the rest, in the last round – elaborate.

If you can all the 15 laps that will make around € 20,000!If you are unable to turn, go 2 steps back. Three straight losses that the cost of round 1. It can happen, but you can lose only € 5! Everything else is money to bookmakers, however.Think about it – € 5 to € 20 000 investment potential benefits. Worth trying.Strategy of tennis bettingThis strategy has been successfully tested on one of the tennis season with a big profit.A typical case is repeated in tennis – the best that you can have a slow start in the September 1 And this is the time that you expect.How to approach the game?Favorite usually come with a low price is not worth betting on. Take, for example Djokovic. Rarely more than 1.10, but players also lose!

The two players in the first set to enter the game, the ‘touch and feel’ his opponents and analyze your game. Once our favorite fall behind (which happens more often than you think), we try to build on it.we are not able to break his serve, and increase the chances of our favorite players immediately. If you’re lucky, loser double break and raise the price even more!Make sure when our favorite is behind it it is to get at least 1.80 or higher. Now you are ready to bet on it. Break our interest in reducing the chances of success many perspectives cashout.The Over 1.5 Goals tend to increase rapidly. Before the game will be over 1.5 goals it is 1.30 or more. It is not sufficient for a reasonable profit. When the game starts every hour probably immeasurable.

After 15 minutes one can expect the probability of 1.45 and 1.70 after 30 minutes. If the first part is no limit at all – you could probably get to 2.0 or more!This is what we expect, and that is when we put our Paris. If you wish, you can bet after 40 minutes in the first half or in part. The sooner your lower back will be performed.When the goal to score the general may fall to 1.5 and is put in the perfect place to sell the mortgage or take out cash if the bookmaker does. The lens also determines the amount of time that you will win. In an ideal situation, the first goal is scored between 46 and 55 minutes. It happens often!

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