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Hey, I was a fool to try to “steal” the pros secrets of my life. I’m going to watch the tournament on television, paying attention to Tiger and Phil or Ernie, put a little bit of something that you have, and then go out and try to make a copy. And I bet YOU did the same thing… because, simply, EVERY golf player is not at one time or another.

The problem is that you cannot “understand” what the pros do, by the appearance, because the majority of the swing is “inside”. Do you think that he saw a Tiger in the pulse, in the range of… hell, CBS or Sky Sports can do a slow motion repeat for you, pointing to the uncocking… but if you do not understand, that uncocking at a certain point in the game, you will NOT be able to understand how to take into account the action.

This is because the Tiger has taken a decision. All the great players of golf. More precisely, exactly FOUR equilibrium point, where the last resource, and everything that happens in the budget, will be affected by the four options.

This is the way to determine the place to go on a business trip in the future. It may seem simple, an option that, in the first place, but what happens after the election — queues, delays, radar, traffic, road works, directly related!

The reason professional players to make fabulous incomes playing golf and you’re still trying to drop the deficit to single digit, due to the advantages that they have made good decisions in each of the four crucial points in the budget… and we still do not know what are the decisions to do so.

… the bad swing is caused by the error during the execution, the four critical points. In addition, golfers make the same mistakes, the same number of points, and this is true whether you test this principle with two golfers or two thousand.

These errors can be divided on the basis of the bad moves that occur at the same time, the critical points of the budget. This is one of the few definite, invariable standard is found in the golf swing.

They are called the Four Fatal Errors.And it only gets better! My “industry” has completely disappeared… and I was completely devoid of fear of on the links, going after every shot, as if I had magical powers.

But it is not magic! As you can see, what I learned from this book had almost nothing to do with me… and everything to do with an excellent balance of a new development, which is one of the most renowned teaching professional Joe Dante (ex-president of the New Jersey Association Of Professional players), there are more than 40 years. Known as the professional who spill the beans on the secrets other pros don’t want to be in the crowd, this is not the case (to subscribe to our newsletter to find out the 25 golf fallacies golf pros tried to keep hidden for so long). Joe played with the overcoming of many of the best players in the game, and has dedicated his entire life to learn the science behind the pro game. When he decided to reveal his advanced secrets, smart players pay a lot of attention.The Golf course has been improved so much that his friends began to wonder how he was able to change my swing!

In fact , I knew that, sooner or later, you have to start paying my book!!!!

This is the only thing that I don’t want to do this, I realized that I did not!

Players who are not a couple, but I know that in my club, came to me and I thought that I had reduced my handicap so high, it seems that during the night …I’m going to create a simple (but not completely, step-by-step “system” that all players of any standard and playing at ANY level, to learn how to use the four steps to cut at least seven strokes of your handicap.

I promise you that you will notice dramatic transformations in your golf swing almost immediately! It is better if you followed any other training program that so called “Golf”, I was going to say that, to do this.Click on one of the “weapons” of the law, which provides more energy than is humanly possible… replicating the classic “the weight”, such as Arnold Palmer and I, in the end, Norman (This is the magic of the movement that is required to start a game, when the muscles plays a huge role, and let the club do all the work.

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