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Jaeggi study is mentioned over 800 times, an incredible amount of research has just been published in it. Display results from test named one of the 100 scientists discovered in 2008, and information psychologist Robert Sternberg wrote more than 1,500 publications have reported that the baseline ‘to solve the discussion of fluid intelligence at least one certain significant amount of trainable.Not everyone was convinced. In fact, shortly after its publication, the research was Jaeggi Annex 1 above eight percent. Metre. The study, psychologists imitate. Above all, let skeptics break gains were much more information than seems possible. Relevant studies of the intervention project showed that intensive early intervention years are needed to increase the IQ of some points. Jaeggi and colleagues found ‘implied an increase of 6 points in just a few hours.
The study had serious flaws, even when the results are difficult to interpret. One problem was that there was no placebo control group not receiving the training mission, should increase information (like the study drug in the group taking the sugar pill placebo). In contrast, the control group was a group of ‘contactless’, which means that people who took the reasoning test twice, and there was no contact between researchers. Therefore, the possibility that the reasoning test treatment group improved only because they hoped it would be better, can not be excluded. complex issues, was the reason for testing educational groups; Some were tested by the participants for 10 minutes, and the other was studied in 20 minutes. Finally, Jaeggi and colleagues used a single test is whether it is better information. Show people are reasoning test when the training does not mean they are smarter, meaning they are more suitable for the reasoning test.

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