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Anger is out of control, but you do not know how to stop it. I can, and I’ll show you how to manage your own anger or relatives to manage their anger.I have helped thousands learn to control their anger over the past 40 yearsTo find out how I can help. . . jump or register now.They sat there shaking with anger. . .I did group therapy for people with depression, divorce and abusive relationships, and something started to really get my attention. The good people full of all kinds of emotions – anger, fear and pain, and they got no help for problems. . .So I decided to find a better way to help these good people, who were basically just like you and me.Over the years, I came to some anger management techniques that really work. Now, because you have reached this page, do you know what they are.The logic, not only for anger management. In fact, not logic does not even touch the wrath of September. And that is why it is almost impossible for you or any other person to talk about anger.So you want to stop the anger, once and for all, you have much more in mind that logic – and I’ll tell you how to get it.My name is Dr. William DeFoore, and I helped people resolve anger issues for over 30 years. This is one of my passions, I see so much suffering – and it simply will not. I want to see people get better, improve lives, and start creating great healthy relationship.You know better than anyone how anger hurts. And how you want things to change. And I know how to help. It’s a winning combination.I have a full degree (B. A., M. A. and Ph. D.), but what I learned to help people with their anger. He came to a lot of reading, trial and error and life experience. I learned by doing – and you also learn…

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