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When relationship problems and physical dependence are not enough to stop, because it is a more powerful incentive. Probably lose weight if alcohol consumption is reduced. A 12-ounce can of beer contains about 150 calories, while cocktails contain up to 500 calories. You have to consume only 3,500 calories to gain a pound, can lead to quick drink regularly during the week to pack on the pounds.In addition, when you stop drinking, you may have more energy. Alcohol is a depressant that can consume your energy to do the exercise seems to be extremely difficult. Alcohol is a major contributor to obesity, which can cause serious diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes to stop drinking not only means that you do not get the wine into fights with family and friends; It could also be the first step to a healthier life.What happens if you stop drinking?undeniable, is not that consumption is difficult to stop, that is, to go because many people opt for rehabilitation. Some people try to quit several times before accepting permanent habit can, but after getting beyond the first stage of the withdrawal, the body begins to repair itself. This is what you can expect:If physical removal of your body is physically addicted to alcohol, will leave resist their attempts to quit. During the first week you can have a rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness and vomiting even notice. If they are totally dependent on alcohol, which can tremens develops a serious condition called delirium that interferes with thinking, which causes tremors and can also cause you to lose consciousness. When an alcoholic for years, you may need medical help to cope with the physical withdrawal.psychological withdrawal no matter how often you drink, you probably noticed immediately the psychological effects. It can be anxious and nervous, and remember that you do not lose your temper more often. Some people get depressed and lethargic, and if you have a mental disorder, you may notice that temporary symptoms worsen. Psychological withdrawal symptoms last longer than the physical symptoms usually and can range from days to weeks worldwide.Improving health Once past the first stage of the withdrawal, your body will begin to repair itself. immediately initiate alcohol to clean the system and eventually, the cells begin to rebuild and repair. You can start losing weight, especially around the abdomen, and sleep will be better regulated. You can also have more energy and a mood to be more consistent throughout the day.

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