Trial 2 X 4 Maximal Strength Training Program

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The expansion is probably due to the change in the Balance of consumption and Renewal. This is known as the destruction of the theory (9). The best weight training with very high loads, so it is only a small part of repetitions performed, and a long rest, this is to prevent the destruction and a major expansion occurred. Design the Maximum thickness of the strength training plan for the development, which is of high strength, relatively high strain at 85% of one repetition maximum (1RM). This makes it possible to reduce the number of repetitions is between 1 and 5 to set. With hard work, every sunrise and, as such, this type of training is very difficult. Give the rest as needed to recover between sets, and only a small group of exercises performed session (2,3,4,5,6,7,8). Continued recovery and give maximum performance, vertical session design is better in the horizontal session design. In other words, the order in which the exercises should be performed in sequence and multiple times, instead of all examples of the exercise before you proceed to the next step (1). If the bar moves slowly and quietly, even at the highest level of growth, the athlete must focus on lifting explosively as possible, in order to recruit the most fast twitch motor units as quickly as possible (1). Strength training is designed for maximum development of power, on the basis of a reasonable time for basic strength training. Two or three workouts a week is a good pre-season, and the situation is often reduced to one or two of the Meetings throughout the season. For example, the Largest strength to weight training, But weight training at a high level, can not be regarded as a separate sport, as well as the next Level in the Training included exercises to activities of the first Transport, sports and events.

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