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Patriot survival plan was created by Matt Stevens at home, of course, claims to give practical information that can be used to help the family cope with the economic crisis ‘in the near future. ‘Matt also said, ‘accompanied by naval experts who have dedicated their lives to live and ready’, and that all the collected information on the program has been tested and totally reliable. Survival Plan Patriot is not registered with the Better Business Bureau online information about the company and not in practice. What is the survival of the Patriot Plan, in particular materials, customer reviews seem to be very negative, citing the most common complaints about poor customer service, and the inability to get physical documents even months of waiting. I grew up in the Northwest Pacific in the United States, and has a basic knowledge of life in the country, ‘for example, but simply’ boy scout, camper, hunter, fisherman taught to friends, family and relatives of plants you can eat, how to collect or harvest, and safe for the animals dress / eat, how to keep warm and dry, when the rudimentary shelters on how to find fuel to the fire even if it rains, etc., so he joined the army and lived for several years in the South Pacific Typhoon Alley, and even experience first hand the truly awesome power and destroyed by Mount Pinatubo. Each disaster has been reached to use common sense seemed the best way to deal with a disaster when we are ‘dumped’ in nature. I think this approach would probably be a good idea ‘man-made disasters’, such as large-scale terrorist attacks, or complete financial collapse, causing tears in the business processes, such as fuel, food and security.

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