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┬áIf you are promoting Amazon products, like me, you may have a built-in Amazon’s store, and so on. I have 60 Amazon, I can not run around here as the key to professional sites. They always make good money, it’s good to have more money.At the beginning of 2012, the highest income of two sites in the Google algorythm change. I started to go south to the Amazon profits, I’m desperate I am looking for a way to recover my money. When you are at fighting and other forums where I find a lot of speed and has made changes to my site, and we expect to see results.I still have some movement but not as much as before. I know that I must be adjusted to reach new visitors starts. I started looking for ways to increase my CTR. The first is to try to stop a popular scripts. I tried a few extras. When some only allow e-mail opt-in and other Amazon products, and you can add them. He is always on every page of every product through to enter my website. I’m sick of this BS, I have all the necessary skills, I decided to create my plug, automatic drawing Amazon products. It took a few months all the features of the established and get it, it’s now. Is awesome!
Growth Amazon pulled all keyword is automatic. It saves time. You only need to install once and forget about it. To save time, and deal with other items or just enjoy doing what you love.If you have a result of CTR plug the Amazon store! Visitors have the opportunity to take this second part of the court to give them a waste. You can easily send 300% of clicks through Amazon. How much do you think?2 and 3 of Amazon products and custom HTML templates. Let the popular layout to fit your website design to enhance the effect. Split test models to see what works and what does not on your site. Recreational losers continue to try to form or another e-mail or finish Click Bank products.

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