SEOpressor Can it Automate your On-page SEO?

There has been a lot of hype over Seopressor – a plugin that is supposed to be the ultimate tool for automating your SEO efforts on your site. Is SEOpressor a scam? Is it worth your investment? Is it going to give you the best ROI? Are you going to regret it later or are you going to be really pleased with this investment?

SEOPressor Connect

If you are wondering if SEOpressor is truly the SEO plugin to banish all your worries, read on.

Seopressor is the brainchild of Daniel Tan – SEO guru and extremely successful SEO expert. A lot of his websites are already successfully ranking at #1 spot on Google – competing with millions of other sites in the same niche category. He has a proven track record in SEO with reports such as “The Rank Mover”, “Press Release Cash Cow”, “Ultimate RSS Joiner” and “Backlinks Syndication System” which have successfully propelled a lot of websites upwards in the SERPs. Needless to say, this plugin certainly comes with a very good foundation – from someone who has spent years and years in this business, and he certainly knows what he is talking about – and creating.

Product Name: SEOPressor Connect – WordPress SEO Plugin-seopressor
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Okay, now that you know where it came from, it’s time to move to the next question:

Who is SEOpressor for?

If you fall under any one of the following categories, then SEOpressor is certainly the SEO plugin you need. Check it out:

If You Have Your Own Niche Websites on the WordPress Platform:

  • It will automatically optimize your title and images!
  • It will help you bold, italicize and underline your main keywords!
  • It will help you improve your SEO score!
  • As a result you can expect more pages to rank high on Search Engines!
  • You can obviously expect more traffic to your websites, and that means a huge boost for your business!


With Seopressor, It’s Like Having a Virtual Assistant or Writer Working for You

  • It will help you ensure your SEO score is already high when you publish a post!
  • It will guide you by prompting you step by step on how to optimize a post while writing!
  • It will make it easier for you to check the optimization of an article by simply looking at the SCORES!
  • Very important: it will simplify your job and save time!

If You Are an Offline SEO Consultant

  • It will simplify your job by evaluating the scores instead of completing checklists!
  • It will help you train your staff to tweak on-page by following the Seopressor prompts!
  • You only need to devote attention to posts with low score.

If You Are New to SEO and Need Guidance

  • Take advantage of comprehensive tutorials on SEO.
  • Follow the Seopressor suggestions right next to your page optimize your on-page factors.
  • Just do this a few times and you will find yourself becoming an SEO expert!
  • Easily outrank 90% of the websites on the web!


If you want a WP plugin that helps you automate your SEO, you can’t beat this one! This baby rocks! We are very excited with the possibilities, and full marks to Daniel Tan for coming out with such an indispensable tool. Imagine how much time you are going to be saving with this – not to mention the sales you will be getting from your site due to the increased traffic!

If you’re going to be building anything more than one site, we highly recommend getting the multiple sites (unlimited) version. You will really see the advantage of having Seopressor in your arsenal.

seopressor review

So what exactly is seo pressor?

Seo pressor is a very unique SEO plugin for wordpress blogs and is the creation of SEO expert Daniel Tan. Daniel has created many seo related products, most of which can be found on the well respected warrior forum.

What does SEO Pressor do?

The plugin has various functions, but it’s main job is to analize individual blog posts to give an overall seo score. The plugin then makes suggestions as to how you can increase your seo quality score.

What suggestions does the plugin make?

SEO Pressor will analize your post to make sure you have all the right elements in place. These include H1,H2, and H3 tags. Keyword in title,keyword in last line etc. SEO Pressor will even automatically add underline,bold, and italic to your chosen keyword.

Is there another plugin that does the same job?

There are many great seo plugins available for wordpress, like all in one seo pack, but SEO Pressor is unique. No other wordpress plugin available on the market can analize your posts and pages, and then tell you exactly what’s missing to increase your seo score.

Does it really work?

There are some really great screenshots on the official website showing exactly what seo pressor can do. Including number 1 ranking for “make money twitter”.

SEOpressor Pros and cons


Imagine having your very own SEO expert sitting right beside you every time you post to your blog. Someone that tells you exactly what you’re doing wrong with seo. Thats SEO Pressor.

60 day money back guarantee.

7 day trial.


When you choose keyword to base you’re blog post on, SEO Pressor will only analize your post on that specific keyword. It does’t analize lsi keywords. This is maybe something that Daniel could think about adding, if it’s actually possible.

Overall SEO Pressor is a great plugin and works wonders.

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