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Hello, I hope you like it, with jonny energy, and you know who I am. and it was a pleasure on my youtube channel and I hope that I will soon become a new and serious 4-1-1 in autumn self-publishing books.

of course, if she is so beautiful, I like talking to johnny, maybe to her service to the author’s rocket from the platform or the types of participants, the platform with rocket authors.

visit the links here and you do all a favor, share this message with someone in the car to publish. until a moment later, self-publishing was with dale and soon I have to start the 40 years. look the author of the platform, missile veteran marketing Jonny andrews, where they mention that the author, megan haskell, the award-winning author of sanyare fantasy-black book series, and co-author of ” the author of the element: guidelines for the performance of his career. The goal of the interview, in fact, how do you feed, how do the author. download the pdf of the transcription of podcast

megan is a writer for the conference contributing to the field and the cheerleaders.
when you see that you are a piece of work and for yourself, and keeps its level.
it is an example of success in the bar, creative and business in order to continue to grow.
going out and get to know people and build the network, be able to introduce new, even if I’m in a place with someone introverted.
download the pdf of the transcription of podcast
3 important points:

megan, the mother of the house, and co-Director of California in orange County, a group with a c-net author, with more than 1,000 members.
their focus is the lack of time for writing and executing programs that are important for your success.
minimize the writing and marketing, and the diet is the most important.Absolutely! and this is what the author of the Lord of the missile platform to all gifts. We build our fan base in the same way as the rest of us build, and not the foot in the community. the ascent lifts all boats!

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