How Much Does The Choose To Believe Ebook And Audio Sessions Cost?

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Session 6: (around 35 minutes) tells you what you are doing, BECAUSE they changed their views. How do you come to the event and your wishes. Therefore, it is possible to speed up the results. That you are with the resistance. For a dynamic. And more!

Session 7: (around 50 minutes) is the bonus session Q&a, when Alan 14 answers to the most pressing questions through the power of faith and the creation of a change in your life. A couple of questions…

What happens when two people different things? The decision, first and foremost, in your head?
How can I live abundantly, and not at the expense of the other party, or for the world?
How can I manifest my desires quickly?
How can I doubt, but on my soul?
How do I talk to Anna, the negative thoughts permanently?
Since you selfsabotage?
Can I influence others in a positive way?
The Conviction, Select The Audio Workshop #2 (2011)

This workshop presentation, the information that you need, start with what you think now.

Here are some of the same information, with the 2008 recordings, the alternate focus of this version on a better understanding of the nature of faith and of the system.

This is what it is:

Session 1: What Is The Material To Believe. (Around 48 minutes), you will get the basic knowledge that you need to know before you start with your Religious system.

I would like to say, In this version, the relationship between the different points of view, so much the better. You are going to learn, because no matter whether the law of attraction is real or not.

Session 2: Discover Your Beliefs. (52 minutes) provides the tools you need, the amount of which is, that the Religious system for the detection of opinions and beliefs, which will help you to reach your goals.

The belief archeology process has been updated and much easier to use.

Session 3: Basic Belief In Technological Change. (68 minutes) affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, and much, much more!

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