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If there is unwanted light climate is changing, it is important to note that several trees, which, as we can help to reduce emissions and filter the air we breathe. The United States is the largest consumer of disposable paper products, with the help of 50% more than Europe and 500% more than in Latin America. Even if the awareness of disposable paper products, consumer products and the consumption is constantly increasing, which makes it even more important to get the word out about the new. Packaging waste, Like most of the other products we can create, today, consumption, encapsulated in a plastic housing, which add to the waste. The outer shell has no other interests in the product. After opening the product, will be rejected. That can’t be recycled. This large plastic takes thousands of years to deteriorate to the area of the image. The difference between biodegradable materials, which means that in reality, never goes away, is always less and we can be on our waters and drinking water. How to Reduce the consumption in order to reduce to a minimum the use of paper towels, use the towel again. Press the sponge, and rinse, if necessary, wash the garment in the washing machine, if it is necessary. You will be amazed to wear with the short time the waste. It’s a really good feeling to relieve and the basket load! If you live in the city, which, for each bag of garbage, in addition to the potential savings. For example, second homes, and condominiums, this could mean a stable, taxes, fees, charges and rents, because the stability of the costs for the rent of containers and trucks. In other words, the economies that can go with you. The cost for the re-use reuse is not only good for the environment, this is a very good bag. The costs can add up quickly. The average cost for a pack of paper napkins is more than us $ 1 for each function. A typical family, probably, a couple of rolls per week, maybe 3-5. This can really add up! Us $3 and $ 5 per week, and most of the trees in a week. It is not difficult to cut the two trees a week, just to reset the counter, is it? Reusable, you can immediately in the summer. In contrast to the disposable type and reusable, the can be reused several times. Another advantage is that you can go is to store that it is not necessary the bedding in a supermarket. You need a lot of space in the shopping cart and the shopping! Reusable take only a fraction of the space, and it can be registered under the sink. The World? Probably not. But you can also save money and trees, and save space in the landfills for municipal waste. Confused? No. Paper can be made, he is not, the basket will land in the house of plate and not in the trash. Family the average American uses between one and five rolls of paper towels in the week. Us, probably, also in the center, a part of us, maybe a little OCD, wash your hands. To eliminate a little over a year ago in connection with our goal of decided to live green, we, paper towels from our house.

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