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Then, and only then, if you are not completely satisfied, you can pay the total price of r $ 57+VAT per month or £ 147+VAT. for the quarter, which offers the best ratio quality-save about $ 10 per month, the price). If the horse steps on the track, the horse racing game is the result of many hours of training. Few people realize how much work must be done during the preparation for the games horse racing. It is a long process, it never really was. Race horse trainers know better. For each of the companies, that horses, with a new crop of foal in spring. The training of the horse begins on the first day. Each stallion (male) and the amount (the woman), born under the watchful eye of people, horses, friends, coaches and horse enthusiasts. Young horses of the competition, have to learn to accept human contact, an important first step. The first lessons are simple, the training methods, on the basis of the various horse properties. The young horse learned to accept a halter, which can be exploited for the control in the garage. When you walk with your great-father, mother, friend, clip, support for the tube. The young filly on the race, the car, the learning, the kindness, the walk, the peace and quiet, not jump. Two or three years to compete against each other. It is, therefore, the training of the horses, the champions league starts soon. The foals learn to accept all the saddles, flanges, and small. Learn to start, stop, and activate the order, and then follow the driver instructions. This allows the driver to control the horse race, when the horse of the game. As soon as the young people learned the basic concepts, such as start, stop, turn on both sides, the driver, he said. Most horses learn to accept a rider in a short period of time. The young man, of pure blood, need to learn, in a trailer, the safest way to run their companies, or the stables of his career. The race horses, as well as all the other highly trained athletes, are prone to injury, to play the sport. Nursing, training search, and these effects cancel one another. Horse racing, horse racing games associated with the two types of training. First of all, is that the strength training, on the work of many, many miles on lower speed. Then short, fast workouts in preparation for the speed. Thanks to a combination of long and slow miles of driving speed in km, the quality of the horse racing development. Small, young, on the temperature, strengthen the lungs and improve your endurance and your speed.

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