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Although seemingly simple, if asked, to Answer these questions, it is very difficult, as most of the jobs in the hunter. Good interview-to master the questions, the methods of recruitment and conquer one after the other, before the interview can start, the results are very promising. The interview questions, like tell me about yourself and what is tripping your greatest strength and weakness, some of the respondents and stuttering on the answers to the obvious questions. The reason for this is that the open-ended questions are much more difficult to answer, there are many types of changes, it Is necessary, answers to these questions. With the “big questions” – interview, the interview is becoming more and more difficult, so the researchers of impotence. It is to answer a few open-ended questions is much easier. This includes what adjectives would you use to describe the tasks and responsibilities of your job, and you Can see this position in relation to planning for the future. Open interview questions are often subjective, and if low ability of communication, perhaps in an interview without practice and preparation. In addition to the interview questions are divided into several groups. Some of them, for example, what you have learnt in your previous Post, the problem is to see the most difficult as you can manage, and what are the main mistakes you made in your career, are used, the ability of the candidate. On the other hand, interview questions, how would you describe your relationship with your supervisor or with colleagues, the most difficult thing that the employment relationship should be what you are looking for, for the head, and what will be the organization at work, it will be from the candidates to work in a team-ability. Often, the candidates will interview for the position within a job. In accordance with the configuration manager, the interview questions, a lot of personality, in order to solve the technical problems. However, if the Chief of staff, I want to see how the score of the candidate on the job, the hiring Manager, questions such as: what do you think of your previous post, the way you make decisions, describe your ideal leader, a person who is connected with her, and why we should hire you. The last question is the most difficult for some job-Hunter. This is an example of an open question, and it is also the answer must be carefully.A job interview can be intimidating, especially for graduates and applicants. It is a very powerful Phase of the work, the application of the process, most of the respondents, with the fear and in most cases wrong. The results of the job interview, it’s make or break to get your efforts what you need for the job. It is recommended, therefore, here are some tips to help you with your application. 1. Enthusiasm and speak clearly and distinctly to Answer questions. Be professional and show your personality. To be yourself. Please, do not hesitate to stop, if necessary, with sufficient time to give the answer. 2.

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