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The new technologies can help to solve this problem, to reduce. The customer can access the internet from anywhere in the world. Online companies are aware that if customers don’t lose in the situation, so you find your job, the advantage. Instead of spending your money, open branches in the major cities, companies are focused on the protection of their customers are satisfied with the websites. For your customers, there is nothing more frustrating than having someone hanging over his shoulders, and waits for a decision. Not only under a lot of pressure to find out how much time is necessary to make a decision, even if you have no money. The customer may want to provide the freedom and the Internet. The online company, your customers, with respect. The customer can only be done after you have learned everything that the company, product or service. Not only the online customers feel more secure in his decisions, trust in the company, that may be business. The customers are more likely to be on the implementation, for the second time, if you had a positive experience to begin with. They do offer something good, and you know it. Now you have a need for our customers, on the information. People want more sms with the text on the page is just try and have a look around, see all photos to know what others think about you. The Internet is a multimedia experience. If you have a new machine or a bouquet of flowers for mother, you navigate through your choice of colors and styles, but you can read the customer comments before you buy. The Internet offers a new way to buy, to read and to learn. Who are your customers? If you have the time to get to know your customers and soon-to-be a member in a marketing plan. They examine the similarities between your best customers. Find out where your customers live, work and play. The information about their own interests, and the priority is also useful. The customers are like those of our customers in the future, so if you want to know all of you a better idea of your target audience. The public needs to be involved in the development of a good marketing strategy. There are several ways to know your customers and why your company. To be able to speak directly, if this is possible. Try the demand of the population, the information on the purchase, with the aim, not the bad weather. It is easy to gather information when customers feel respected, to avoid boredom. Today, people are reluctant to share information about themselves. Many companies lost the trust of our customers, the sale of personal data without consent.

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