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It is about living your life in this moment, and to do what life asks you to put in this place. Is to listen to your intuition and following its lead. Youre confident in yourself and a higher Power, knowing that the Higher Power is your Source. When you know you have to stand for something that is not your personality, the more is the inconsistency of the world, you can face life with courage.

Every time I say that something will happen, or that someone has to be a certain way, to make of the situation or of the person of god. I say that this person or this situation is your source. Let go of unrealistic hopes and trust in the present moment. Finding time to be quiet and to connect with the higher Power. This is the moment in which they are supported and guided in the direction toward the front side. Begin each day anticipating miracles, and the mind to understand all the wonders which you have a witness. If it is not external situations or people to change, the joy and your wellbeing comes from the inside. It is necessary to take positive measures, driven by the joy that is already inside of you.At the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the media has turned to a historical event, and you know that I agree. For the first time in the history of the united States, the candidates have not been able to buy their way to the Democratic Nomination. The cost is only $ 500,000 worth of public relations, Advertising, and on the means of support; incredible that a nation with 17 Trillion dollars in the economy, which can be purchased for free. To operate the Rod of Iron, and the state of mind that gives us the strength to triumph in all areas of life. In our personal life, home life, work or school life, our church life and community life can progress forever. Without this type of mentality, Christian, man or woman, this will be the experience of defeat on each level. The kingdom of darkness, can be overcome with the nature, thought, or logic. Satan the former, or cancel, the man on the nature of the powers of hashirama, which is deeply rooted in it. On the nature of the blackdressed man. It is necessary for the activity of darkness.

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