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My name is Thomas Di Leva – and you want to share the wonderful way that can attract all the love, success and harmony you want, but at the touch of a button. . .In my heart, I believe that life is really a miracle that even simply the best! Earth wants the potential to live here and now.
No matter where we are in life, a new dream, we would still continue. . . Life is growing all the time!So what is a dream for the moment in your life? You dream to create heaven on earth, or the invention of the power source?Develop innovative business dream in his heart that the life of incredible value.Maybe you want to be a writer, life coach sold or spiritual healer. . . The singer, sports, stockbroker, lawyer or doctor. . . or maybe you do not want to travel the smiles on their faces. . . complete sense of freedom in his heart.Many dreams and incredible goals are not only the truth. . . and wondered why? Perhaps it is John Lennon said:
‘Life is what happens while you are busy in other ways. . . ‘The truth is. . . It is difficult to survive in the world of your dreams. . . To be successful in what we believe we need to focus and tons of motivation.Zig Ziglar motivational speaker successful once said:’People often say that motivation does not last. Well, even bathing – that’s why we recommend a daily basis. ‘Imagine. . .Had implemented well, relax, close your eyes and you need to get all the motivation and inner strength.Imagine, you can program your brain and every cell in your body begins to reflect on the life of your dreams.Imagine if you could change everything. . . .
Take every relationship and grow with your family as never before.
To be financially free and prosperous life and many eternal expansion.
The energy recovered by day, harmony and peace over the day family life.
Believe it or not.So I went to the singer teen was shot to stone him, inked my first recording contract. . .Listen to this. . .When I was younger, my dream was to be a singer / songwriter. I dedicate my body and soul to crush a tear and the real world. Whenever I’m on the stage to sing people threw stones at me buuing me off the stage. Nobody wanted to listen to the message of peace and love.I do not know what to do about it, so that the dove sad and lonely in my meditation practice began at an early age. I studied the great masters and their techniques. Read articles and books I could get training. This is incredibly strong and motivated me slowly so you can be firm and not give up. I continued to go on stage singing and dancing, whatever.And look. . . Two months after my first recording contract. .

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