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The soft tissues and the muscles, the question, “disc”, if the smell,” says Nina Shapiro, MD, professor of surgery of the head and neck, David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, in connection with the investigation. “In theory, the hardening of the muscles, the number of “atmosphere”, and then you can reduce your snoring,” she said. (For more information on how to Improve the 12-day cleaning of the liver can help to sleep better and lose the pounds, if you read on your body.) The participants in this study, the researchers confirmed, once per week, to ensure that you do the exercises correctly, and then everything is in Russian, is measured again at the end of the three months. Only the competitors and their bed partners!) you will benefit from the reduction in the prevalence of snoring, snoring, after a decline of 36% and the intensity of the sound, 59%.Snoring is nothing more than a hoarse voice, since the vibration of the soft palate, try to take the air, when a person is asleep. The muscles tend to relax during the breaks and in patients with impaired renal function, the muscles, the muscles down, violently enough, to the Airways of the nose and the entrance to the vocal cords. The fact is that almost all of the snoring and sleep, but when the amount goes beyond the borders, and not to sleep only affects the person but also other members of the family. The snorer, but it is possible that the problem as something relatively harmless, you need help in one way or another. There are effective solutions that you can follow in control of the house is annoying and noisy problem. Natural ways to control snoring – snore, it is recommended to avoid sleeping on the back to delay because the muscles in the throat and tongue, and prevent the normal flow of air.

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