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Think about it – if anyone really knows the secrets to increase your metabolism, which is the 24/7 fat burning machine … have on your body.So if you are a training and expert advice, especially in women over 40 years of proven to increase metabolism and energy techniques, do not listen. Listen to me. And carefully study.From what I’ve done for over 25 years.And even more important. FITOVER40 can teach the program:Melt the fat body clock … sexy that you know you are down there!(And I’m willing to guarantee!)Here are the reasons why the FITOVER40 program will work for you.1) subject to metabolism in women over 40. There is a connection of aging and metabolism. In general, as you get older, there is a gradual reduction in the metabolism of this, there is a significant decrease in energy levels and excess body fat accumulation than the last. There have been many studies to understand why people gain weight as they age, and the answer is obvious – change body composition decrease in metabolism. The relative proportion of muscle (muscle) decreases with age; It is leading to the accumulation of fat as well.hormone production in women 40 years seems to be the best production until women reach menopause and perimenopause. The most important for women who have trouble getting rid of excess fat, and factor in the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and arms were estrogen. Example: Fat female belly usually a disproportionate amount of estrogen receptors in estrogen receptors is collected in the area and gastrointestinal. estrogens tend to develop excessive fat tissue of receptor sites. Burn excess fat and increases energy levels, you must first learn to improve metabolism, and show you exactly FITOVER40 program.2) the top eight unique “fat burning workout” that can be changed, you have a special status. You can find the “perfect” This program increases metabolism and burn body fat is a fat burning machine 24/7 and get tons of extra energy these exercises everyday life combine Almost immediately, you will notice a dramatic increase levels increases energy and metabolism and, once again, that your body will begin to change before their eyes, not to see can only be seen – that! I guarantee you!

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