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This year, the game is back with brilliant graphics and an incredible sound. The new features of FIFA 12, where it radiates joy improvements.

EA has developed is perfectly in this new version of football, the fans, the smile all the way ingame shop. FIFA 12 sports brand new tactical play and the features that are not present in the last year of its introduction. Each new feature makes the game a masterpiece, and the game is better than ever. EA has added more tactical defending and it makes the game more difficult and courteous. The game is interesting, and if you have the skills of his opponents have to make mistakes and lose the ball. You play as a professional, if your computer is not on the ball. His enemies, in extreme conditions of pressure does not work in this series, the needs, the skills and knowledge of the game, to win the ball. For the victory in the only previous against your opponent with the ball. In this version, should be more skills, and simply cannot manage the type that you want. You can add a leg, or faking an injury, but it is likely that the referee is punished and his team should not be taken lightly.

The tactics of the defence, plays an important role in the game. While this can be very exciting, you will spend less time with the app, and the incredible talent as a stuntman for the public will be surprised and experience a movie star, as a player with the ball. FIFA 12 is much more realistic, as in every other football game, and has all the charm and emotion that maybe is missing is a point in this game. The game last year, be aware of raw materials, as it was, the new version is much more difficult and more close to reality.

The precision dribbling is another fantastic feature, it allows you to understand that not only is the brightness in the field. You have the key, and you can win. All of these amazing tricks, the amount of cry, for more details, and this is really lost the game. Instead of the monotony of a basis for control of the ball, while the majority of the game, and it is the best way for a team, the true life. If the players collide almost in a crisis of bones and flesh, to be realistic. Concerns and injuries, the appearance is that of real life to avoid collisions. Well, not many accidents, the reader collision is now in the game, even if it seems everything is so real, that I swear to you, TV, satellite TV.

For players who prefer the Managers office, statistics and logistics more exciting the the actual game on the field. This option of learning, the attention on good management of the technology and the logic of the game. The progress is slow, and the game can become boring, in this position, but many players prefer the team management. The menus are complex and can be annoying, the page with all the options, but you can find a wide range of options and exit to gasp in reverence and admiration.If youre a fan of the game, FIFA 11 and all the other games, then you need to improve your skills in defense. Because you will lose, if they are good, a game in the attack as a ball, stop, free kicks, etc, that do not want to, 5:4, but the victory 2:0 or 1:0.

More attention to defense, in the attack game, but it should be good enough to score a goal in the first place, because this article is about the defense and not of attack.

Defense style game, you need to check:

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