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revenue forecast is used for conservative case and aggressive case, both. If you’re like most business owners, constantly varies between conservative and aggressive reality dream state that keeps you motivated and to inspire others. I call this idle fats optimism. ‘Instead of ignoring the bold optimism and create forecasts based conservative thinking, I suggest you embrace your dreams and build at least a couple of overhang aggressive assumptions. You will not be good if you think big! With the construction of two projections (aggressive, conservative) revenue, force yourself to make conservative assumptions and then relax some of these assumptions for your case aggressively.For example, we can provide income to the following criteria:new product or service for each year of the three years..aggressive cases, of the following criteria..lowest point of the base product, the price of the premium for packaging..Three to four channels controlled marketing and sales you (Read his column to pay workers at an early stage, namely how can afford to marketing director.)two providers of employment..A new product or service in the first year, five other products or services on the market every two or three..By giving power to think big and create ambitious forecasts, which are likely to generate innovative ideas that grow your business..3. Check tests to ensure that they are reasonable. After aggressive revenue forecasts, it is easy to forget spending. Many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the development of revenue and cost targets can be adjusted to fit reality, if the income is not realized. The power of positive thought to help growth, but not enough to pay your bills!The best way to match the estimated revenue and expenditure is set by the number of reality. Here are some reports should help to guide the discussion:Margin. What is the relationship between the total return of the direct costs during the quarter, or year? This is one of the areas where aggressive hypotheses generally too unrealistic. Beware of assumptions that make the growth margin of 10-50 percent. If customer service and direct sales costs are high now, it is likely to remain high in the future.The operating margin. What is the ratio of total operating costs – direct costs and, of course, without financial cost – and the overall performance of the quarter or a year? You should expect a positive development in this direction. As incomes rise, the cost should be only a small part of the total cost and the operating margin should improve. The mistake many entrepreneurs make is that predicting the load too early and assume that does not require much money to get to this point.

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