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contemporary popular methods for the purification of pump treatments of water treatment / filtration and chemical substances such as iodine. These solutions can be effective and efficient, if the situation is accessed survival items. Herbal medicine is another method in which the water can be purified from virus and bacteria. An extract of water purifier grapefruit seed sold, although if it is a hundred percent effective. The method is widely used to create a boiling point of clean and safe water. Bring water to a boil and boil for 2-3 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses.Keep the attitude of the players, shelter and access to clean water to create, we can be able to survive for several weeks.Although it is not exactly a necessity for survival, fire is one of the useful survival skills. It can help your body to heat or shelter, dry clothes, food and water to a boil. In addition, the fire can provide an emotional support for the survival creates a sense of security and protection.Ideally, when you are traveling in the desert, it is better to give more tools such as a lighter, matches, flint and steel, etc. fire. Although these tools can be difficult to get the time. It is advisable to practice the fire start in different conditions in different habitats. We practice the power of that precious heat. If you must be in the state without application of modern fire fire, friction is the most powerful primitive technology. One of the popular bow manufacturing techniques friction fire drill, hand drill the aura of the fire, and this fire.Learn how to build a fire in the bow and practice of fire by friction technology.
You might be surprised to see a minimum of priority food skills based survival list, even if we are not able to survive longer homeless and more water. Remember ‘Rule threes’: people can survive without food for about 3 weeks (although I’m sure you do not want to go so long without food!). Fortunately, most of the naturally filled with a variety of objects that are able to meet our nutritional needs. wild plants often offer readily available food, even insects and small game also with special diets in a survival situation.Here are some plants in abundance throughout North America:Tifa called supermarkets, roots, shoots, pollen heads of ‘Marsh’ and can not eat..Conifers: the inner shell, called the cambium, is full of sugar, starch and calories, and can wear cone tree is the constant..

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